ElkSD128 SD Card Interface, Memory Expansion
and Multi-Standard Joystick Interface

ElkSD128 Features

  • Uses standard SD cards, up to 8GB in capacity
  • Atari/Commodore type 9-pin joystick port
  • Expands the Electron to 160K of RAM
  • Excellent compatibility with games (PAGE=&E00)
  • Uses widely available .SSD disk image files
  • Free sidways RAM page can be used to load ROM images
  • LOAD and SAVE your own programs
  • Uses the popular MMFS filesystem
  • Supports Plus 1, Slogger and First Byte joystick protocols
  • Joystick port keyboard emulation system 

About the ElkSD128

Over the past few years the device I received most requests for is a version of the ElkSD64 with a joystick port, and that has become a reality with the ElkSD128. 

But the ElkSD128 is more than a 64 with a joystick port. 

Sideways memory has been increased from 32K to 128K - although as on the ElkSD64, one 16K bank is used by the MMFS SD card filesystem. The SD card interface hardware is lifted directly from the ElkSD-Plus 1 rev 2, achieving speeds up to 4x faster reads and 3x faster writes than the ElkSD64. 

The joystick port is a 9-pin digital Atari/Commodore type designed to work with most 80s/90s era joysticks (or modern reproductions). Any joystick that works with the C64, Amstrad, Amiga, ST, etc, should work fine. Game pads are not supported, although simple ones may work. Paddles and other analogue controllers won't function as the interface is strictly digital. 

There is no dominant standard for Electron joystick interfaces. Acorn's Plus 1 interface is the official interface for joysticks, but it used analogue sticks and wasn't well supported. To ensure best compatibility the ElkSD128 emulates the Plus 1 joystick port, as well as the third-party First Byte and Slogger interfaces. 

Also, it features a keyboard emulation system for games without any joystick support. Combined, these permit joystick use in around 60-70% of Electron games.

Buying an ElkSD128

The ElkSD128 is available to buy via EBay.co.uk. Click the Ebay logo to view the product page.


Installation Instructions elksd128_inst.pdf
User Guide ESD128_Guide.pdf
Games Collection (Big) elkbig.zip
MMFS 1.54 Update 128_154_update.zip