ElkSD64 Acorn Electron SD Interface & 64K RAM Expansion




About this device

This is the Electron memory card board that gets as close as possible to my ideal design, at least within the constraint of still being reasonably priced. The earlier boards were intended as an inexpensive, easy and quick way to make use of memory cards on the Elk. They did that very well, and I feel still they don't have any effective competition in that market.

But there was clearly a need for something more advanced, an interface with more features and increased compatibility. Since before the Mk1 went on sale I'd been working on how to bring such a design to fruition without costing silly money. The ElkSD64 is the result of that process. It takes the ElkSD32/Mk3 design and adds 32K of sideways RAM, the flash memory is now user-programmable, and the standard MMFS software is replaced by the 'Z' version which runs from sideways RAM.

There are four 16K sideways banks available on the ElkSD64, two flash and two RAM. By default MMFS is stored in the first flash bank, at boot up it copies itself into a sideways RAM slot and runs from there. This means none of the Electron's main memory is used, permitting games that require PAGE to be set to $E00 - which wouldn't run on my earlier interface cards - to work correctly.

The remaining two sideways banks, one flash and one RAM, are available to the user. ROM images can be loaded into either slot, and there are some games that will use the extra RAM.

The ElkSD64 card is now available, please search Ebay.co.uk for 'ElkSD64' to find listings.



File Contents Description Last Updated
elksd.zip 32K Electron Games A small curated colleciton of Electron games, runs from SD card on all Electrons. 21/08/2019
elkbig.zip Lots of Electron Games A large third-party collection of Electron games, some need sideways ram to run. 15/01/2020
ESD_Guide.pdf User Manual ElkSD64 full user guide. 15/01/2020
elk64_inst.pdf Installation Instructions   28/09/2019
flashtools.zip ElkSD64 flash tools util Utility to flash the ElkSD64 sideways flash ROM. 26/05/2019
updater.zip ElkSD64 MMFS Updater

Updates MMFS to version 1.43

** Check README Before Using **




The ElkSD64 has a very high rate of compatibility. In default configuration PAGE is located at $E00 with the interface fitted, which means almost all Electron games will run without issue.