EMRAM32, 32K RAM Expansion Cartridge
for the BBC Master and Acorn Electron

EMRAM32 Features

  • Adds 32K of sideways RAM to the system
  • Works with the Master or Electron with Plus 1 unit
  • Installs into a cartridge slot, no need to open the case
  • No software required, 100% hardware solution
  • 3D Printed case in 'Retro Yellow' or 'Pure White'
  • Sideways RAM pages can be used to load ROM images

About the EMRAM32

The EMRAM32 is a simple, no frills memory expansion cartridge for Acorn BBC Master and Electron (with Plus1) computers. It adds 2 x 16K banks of sideways RAM, for and additional 32K in total. It plugs easily into a cartridge slot, with no other installation necessary. Two EMRAM32s can be used together to enable 64K of sideways RAM. It's is also fully compatible with the ElkSD Plus 1 and MasterSD cartridges.

The cartrige is supplied in a 3D printed case, in either Retro Yellow (a close-ish match for the colour of most 8-bit Acorn machines now) or a pure, modern white.

Buying an EMRAM32

Release of the EMRAM32 is delayed due to the current chip shortage.


Installation Instructions