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Electron SD Interface

Low-cost, high compatibility SD card interface and 64K memory expansion for the Acorn Electron.

Electron SD Interface

Advanced, high-performance SD card interface for the Acorn Electron. Featuring 128K RAM and a 9-pin joystick port.

ElkSD-Plus 1 (rev 2)
Electron SD cartridge

SD card interface and 16K RAM expansion cartridge for the Acorn Electron fitted with the Acorn Plus 1 expansion box.

BBC Master SD Cartridge

SD card interface cartridge for the Acorn BBC Master, designed for high perfofmance and simple installation.

EMRAM32 Memory Cartridge

A modern 32K memory expansion cartrigde for the BBC Master and Acorn Electron with Plus 1 expansion.

Open-Source Turbo Card

A modern turbo card for the Acorn Electron, fully open source. Up to 3.3x faster than a stock Electron.

Legacy Devices

These devices have been discontinued and replaced

MicroSD Interface Mk1

The very first device I ever sold for retro computers.

MicroSD Inteface Mk2

A slightly improved version of the previous Mk1 interface.

SD Interface Mk3 / ElkSD32

Immediate predecessor of the ElkSD64, my first attempt at something that didn't look like a hobby project!

ElkSD-Plus 1 (rev 1)
Electron SD Cartridge

The original version of the ElkSD-Plus 1, retired in favour of the higher performance rev 2 version.